Why Is My Air Fryer Blinking?

If you are an air fryer user then you must have known why is my air fryer blinking. You must have noticed that the air fryer sometimes blinks or flashes. Blinking in an air fryer can happen for a number of reasons, some of which are noticeable and some are not.

One of the common reasons why an air fryer is blinking is preheating as many air fryers have a set preheat time which can cause it to blink. You don’t need to worry about it as it is nothing more than preparing the air fryer to cook the food.

There are many reasons why an air fryer may blink, one of which is that it may be in standby mode. Whenever the air fryer is in standby mode, it glows with a different color light. Let us tell you that standby mode is an energy-saving mode that the air fryer enters in the absence of a certain period of time. If the air fryer is not used for some time, it automatically goes into standby mode and starts blinking.

If your air fryer blinks while in use then it can be a serious problem when it comes to cooking. The main reason for the air fryer blinking while cooking can also be that it has become too hot. Blinking the air fryer in one way can be dangerous for you as it increases the chances of fire, that’s why you should immediately turn off the air fryer and let it cool down before using it again.

Why Is My Air Fryer Blinking?

Would it be easy enough to tell why is my air fryer is blinking?

No, because there are many reasons for the air fryer to blink, some of which are temporary and some are unusual, but you need to know which reasons are necessary and which are not.

why is my air fryer blinking

One of the reasons why the air fryer may be blinking during use may be that the power charge is low or the power has gone out. If your air fryer is not protected from the surge and power outages in this way, you may be vulnerable. Which can cause your air fryer to blink or shut off. You should switch off the air fryer whenever the air fryer blinks.

Blinking of the air fryers can be due to many reasons, some of which we have described above, apart from this, if your air fryer blinks for any other reason, then you should consult the user manual so that your problem can be resolved on time. If these guidelines do not solve your problem, you may contact the manufacturer.

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Understanding the Common Causes of Blinking Lights on Air Fryers:

Blinking lights on an air fryer is often an indication that something is not quite right with the appliance or some dangerous can be with our air fryer There are several common reasons why an air fryer might start blinking, including:


The air fryer is a smart device with an automatic shut-off feature designed to prevent the appliance from overheating. If the air fryer overheats, its smart system starts blinking as a warning and it also makes poses a risk of shutting down.

Power Issues:

It may blink or flash if your air fryer is not plugged in properly or if there is a power outage or power surge problem. This problem can also occur if the plug is damaged or the air fryer is not properly plugged in.

User Error:

In some cases, blinking lights on an air fryer may be caused by user error. For example, if the fryer is not properly assembled, if the air fryer basket is not inserted correctly, or if there is food stuck in the appliance, or if else the user load too much food in an air fryer it may start to blink.

Troubleshooting Advice for an Air Fryer That Is Blinking

If your air fryer starts blinking or flashing for some reason, then you should take some measures for this so that this problem can be resolved. For this, you have to follow some instructions which will get rid of it.

Checking the Power:

Before using the air fryer, make sure that your air fryer is plugged in the right way and that the electrical outlet is working.

If you have recently had a power outage or surge, it may be necessary to reset the circuit breaker or fuse.

Letting it Cool:

If your air fryer is blinking due to overheating, then you can let it cool down for a few minutes and after it cools down, you can use it again.

Cleaning the Appliance:

If there is some kind of food stuck in your air fryer due to which the air fryer is not working properly then it can definitely blink. For this, you should clean it thoroughly from time to time so that its life can be maintained and it can work properly.

Resetting the Appliance:

Some air fryers have a reset button for air fryer troubleshooting, which can be used to troubleshoot the air fryer. Many air fryers start blinking for unexplained reasons, so you can correct it by using the reset button.

How to Avoid Overloading Your Air Fryer and Causing Blinking Lights

An air fryer is a popular appliance that circulates hot air to cook food. Air fryers are considered a healthy alternative to deep frying food using hot air. Air fryers are designed to be efficient and easy to use but sometimes they come across problems like blinking lights.

One of the common causes of blinking lights in an air fryer is overloading food in the appliance. In this article, we have done the entire discussion considering Blink Light as the basis. In the beginning, whenever you use the air fryer, first check the guidelines of the user manual so that you get to know its cooking capacity.

Whenever the user cooks food in the air fryer, they should cook the food according to the prescribed or basket capacity so that there is no harm to the air fryer.

While cooking food in an air fryer, it is necessary to be careful about what kind of accessory should be used in it because the selection of the wrong accessory also causes blinking.

Why does my air fryer keep flashing?

why does my air fryer keep flashing

Air fryers have become popular kitchen appliances for healthier cooking options. These appliances circulate hot air around the food, creating a crispy texture similar to deep-fried foods without the use of excess oil. However, like any electronic appliance, air fryers may experience technical difficulties, including flashing or blinking lights.

  • Most air fryers can have sensors. When the basket is not inserted properly in the air fryer, the air fryer starts blinking with the help of the sensor. And we come to know that the basket is not properly inserted in the air fryer.
  • The air fryer is provided with the facility to adjust the temperature and timer. If the time and temperature setting is not done by the user to suit the food, the air fryer starts blinking continuously.
  • On continuous use of the air fryer, it gets overheated and it automatically shuts down or starts blinking, due to which we are unable to use it for some time until the air fryer cools down again.
  • Many times the air fryer is blink or shuts down due to a power problem or low voltage of power, whenever you face such a problem you should turn off the air fryer for some time until the power is completely come on

Final Thoughts:

Of course, you don’t know why is the air fryer blinking. In the end, I would like to inform you that our aim is to troubleshoot the blinking problem in your air fryer. And to tell you that the blinking of the air fryer is not a cause for concern, but we need to understand why it is happening and what is its proper solution. Knowing the reason for blinking in an air fryer is as important for us as the safety of the air fryer is important for us because blinking in the air fryer indicates an error in the air fryer.

Whenever it comes to the safety of air fryers, it becomes necessary to know all the important facts about air fryers. It becomes important for us to know how to use the air fryer in the kitchen and what kind of food to cook in it and in what quantity.

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