Do Air Fryers Get Hot On The Outside

It is a natural thing for the air fryer to get hot, but whatever any machine may be, it gets hot after working for a certain time. Similarly, the air fryer is also a machine that gets hot after some time limit.

(Our today’s topic is the question of our air fryer users – do air fryers get hot on the outside? so we will explain the answer to this question to you through some points and subheadings throughout this article.)

The air fryer has established a distinctive identity in the electronics market during the last few years. Since they are developing a fantastic oil-free method for cooking a healthy supper. Air fryers are extremely popular among those who enjoy eating nutritious meals. This is the reason air fryers have become more widely used as kitchen equipment.

Air fryer is very easy and economical to use in kitchen appliances, perhaps this is the reason why air fryer is so popular today. You can buy the air fryer from Amazon or from a local seller, but people who like to eat healthy food will not delay in purchasing this appliance.

But this question is very important – do air fryers get hot on the outside? If yes, then it is necessary to confirm why this happens and whether it is risky in any way.

Do Air Fryers Get Hot On the Outside?

what happens if the air fryer overheats

Welcome to our investigation: do air fryers get hot on the outside or radiate heat outside? As an air fryer user, it is our duty to find out its faults and fix them as soon as possible. Air fryer is a kitchen appliance that is used for cooking food continuously and it should be checked from time to time to keep it in working condition for a long time.                                                               

Yes, air fryers can get hot on the outside due to excessive cooking or heat. In an air fryer, we fry, bake, and reheat things by using internal hot air, which becomes hotter than the outside due to internal heat.

It also depends on which model of air fryer you are using or which air fryer appliance you buy. Some air fryers have a special design that traps the heat released while cooking food inside the unit, due to which the air fryer does not get excessively hot from outside.

How does Air Fryer Work?

Air fryers have a unique way of working in which their primary components play a vital role. The primary components of an air fryer are its operating heating element and the fan, which generates heat in the air fryer and helps in cooking the food properly.

If seen broadly, fan and heating elements play an important role in an air fryer. To cook a specific dish in an air fryer, we have to adjust the temperature according to that dish, based on which heat is generated inside the air fryer and that heat is circulated evenly around the food through a fan which helps in cooking the food evenly.

Yes, another thing that makes this appliance different from other appliances is that it uses little or no oil for cooking, which provides a healthy and low-calorie meal. Air fryer is a good option for those who want to include a portion of healthy and crunchy food in their daily meals.

Understanding the Common Reasons behind Air Fryer Overheating

Air fryer has become a popular kitchen appliance for making dishes that have crunchy, and fried taste with minimum oil. However, despite these features, it also has some shortcomings, the most common problem of which is its overheating. Diagnosing the issue of air fryer overheating and investigating these faults will help users resolve these problems to a great extent.

1. Excessive Usage:

Using the air fryer continuously without giving it a rest after a stipulated period of use causes its elements to become excessively hot and because overheating, which is also not good for the air fryer and is a risk to the user. There may be a full step, so if possible do not use it beyond its limits.

2. Blocked Air Vents:

For air fryers to maintain ideal temperatures, there needs to be a proper and reliable airflow. If something, such as food particles or other debris, is preventing air from passing underneath it. That’s why, air fryers have heating.

3. Insufficient Space around the Air Fryer:

One crucial aspect of the air fryer or its installation is that you should always leave enough room around the base of the air fryer in your kitchen to ensure that the airflow is not obstructed.

It is important to consider the location of the air fryer because it will undoubtedly become heated from the outside if it is maintained in a dry location or one with poor ventilation.

4. Improper Cleaning:

Cleaning is the priority of all kitchen appliances. Similarly, after cooking food in the air fryer, it becomes necessary to clean it from time to time. So that it’s working period remains longer. Due to not cleaning the air fryer, food particles stick to it and its ventilation gets blocked, due to which we have to face many problems.

5. Faulty Components:

In some cases, the air fryer’s internal parts, such as its fan and heating element, may also break down. If this happens, the air fryer may overheat and become hotter than the surrounding environment.

6. Inadequate Power Supply:

The air fryer may overheat if it is plugged into an outlet with insufficient voltage or if an extension cord is used that is unable to handle the required amount of power. Make sure the power source is suitable for your air fryer at all times.

7. Unusual Cooking Conditions:

In general, some foods release excess moisture or oil during cooking, which can lead to excessive smoke which may cause the air fryer to overheat. Food with high-fat content also contributes to overheating of the air fryer.

Overheating an air fryer can be avoided with regular maintenance, careful use, and consideration of the cooking environment. For additional help, it’s advisable to get in touch with the manufacturer or a certified expert if the issue doesn’t go away or if safety issues crop up.

Factors Affecting Exterior Temperature

1. Size and Design:

  • Size of the Air Fryer: Air fryers are known for their different sizes and features. But even among these, larger-sized air fryers have a better ability to dissipate heat, as a result of which its outer part remains cool during operation. And these do not create heating issues on the outside.
  • Design and Ventilation: An air fryer’s design is based especially on airflow strategies that affect how effectively heat is maintained. Better technology is used in an air fryer with a good design to regulate the heat and run it properly.

2. Insulation:

  • Quality of Insulation: Heat transfer to the exterior of the air fryer can be influenced by the type and thickness of insulation employed in its construction. External heat is reduced through better insulation.

3. Cooking Time and Temperature:

  • Cooking Setting: While cooking food in the air fryer, we have to adjust the temperature accordingly, similarly, some special recipes require the air fryer to be cooked, the higher temperature and the set duration can affect how hot the air fryer can get. Air fryers get very hot due to the high-temperature settings used to cook high-fat foods and the extended cooking time.

Safety Measures

From a safety point of view, we should adopt a safe and simple food system and take care of all the things that are important for our safety and the safety of the air fryer. Keeping these things in mind, we have analyzed some special points which are as follows –

1. Proper Placement and Ventilation:

The air fryer should always be placed on a flat surface and heat-resistant surface.

A stable surface will prevent the appliance from accidentally tipping over while in operation, plus you’ll want to ensure that your air fryer has enough space around it for proper ventilation and heat regulation.

2. Cooling Period and Handling:

The outside of the air fryer may be quite hot after cooking; allow it to cool slightly before touching it.

After operating the air fryer, its outer part becomes hot. Instead of using it continuously, using it after cooling helps in safe maintenance and also reduces the risk of burning and any kind of accidents.

3. Use Oven Mitts or Tongs:

When food of any kind is fried in the air fryer, it gets extremely hot. When cooking, it is vital to periodically examine the food to see if it is cooked through. However, in this circumstance, there is a risk of hand burns, therefore use oven mitts or tongs anytime you check the food. Use what is secure.

4. Regular Maintenance and Cleaning:

First of all, we should understand its cleaning and maintenance methods by looking at its manual guidelines, which will help a lot in cleaning the air fryer. While cooking food in an air fryer, proper ventilation is not provided due to the sticking of food particles, due to which it becomes extremely hot and also poses a risk of fire.

5. Avoid Overloading:

Cooking food in the air fryer beyond a certain limit is also a red flag for the air fryer. Cooking food more than the capacity of the air fryer basket prevents the air fryer from cooking the food properly and causes it to overheat, potentially causing damage to the appliance.

What Happens If The Air Fryer Overheats?

Like any appliance, air fryers are designed with safety features to prevent overheating. But in some cases, if the air fryer overheats there can be several possible consequences. If the air fryer continues to overheat for a long period of time, the internal components of the air fryer may become damaged, affecting its functionality or potentially rendering it inoperable. Apart from this, if this problem is kept in the air fryer for a long time, it can also cause a short circuit in the air fryer, which is sure to have the possibility of danger.


From the above points, we understood that the air fryer works on a method of circulating hot air and it provides healthy and crunchy food taste in less oil. When we evaluated the air fryer and its points, we came to know about the problem from the users that air fryers get hot on the outside, so we solved all those problems through this article and suggestions to deal with them were also presented in this article so that this problem can be solved.

In the end, I would suggest that when you use an air fryer to prepare food, you should know the above points thoroughly and also read the user manual that comes with the air fryer so that you know under what circumstances it should be used. When and how to use it. So that you do not have to face any kind of risk.

Thank you very much for getting information through our article.

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