Air Fryer Steam Coming Out – Causes and Solution

Air fryers are kitchen appliances designed to cook food and reheat using less oil. Air fryers circulate hot air to cook the food so that the food is cooked evenly from all sides. It is because of this quality that air fryers are so popular today. Some users experience steam coming out of their air fryer or complain about air fryer steam coming out.

In this article, we will discuss why air fryer steam comes out during cook food and what reason and solution, and how to solve this problem for our users.

An air fryer is a popular and versatile appliance that lets you cook, reheat, and dehydrate food. This versatile appliance introduces you to new ways of cooking and introduces you to the best ways to cook food with little or no oil.

air fryer steam coming out

An air fryer is one such appliance that is considered to be a healthy alternative to traditional deep frying which provides you with low-fat food. There are many other benefits of air fryers which you will know in this blog of ours.

Air fryers are easy and convenient to use that allow you to cook food in less time. And sometimes generated air fryer steam comes out while cooking which is natural but it can be a problem for some users.

Why Is Steam Coming Out of My Air Fryer?

While cooking food in the air fryer, it may be natural for air fryer steam coming out, but in some circumstances, it can also be a matter of concern. In this context, some users have a question that why steam comes out of the air fryer, then tell that there are many reasons for this.

steam coming out of my air fryer

Excess oil in your air fryer, excessive food accumulation, or overfilling the air fryer basket with food can be the main reason. When you face such a problem, you can clean the air fryer once. After this, you will get relief from this problem.

Common Causes of Air Fryer Steam Release:

There are several reasons why steam may come out of an air fryer. Which is the most common causes include:

Overloading the Fryer Basket:

Many times we fill the basket with an excessive quantity of food to cook the food quickly, as a result, our food is not cooked completely and the air fryer starts releasing steam. Or it may cause some parts of the food to get wet.

Using Incorrect Cooking Accessories:

In the air fryer, we sometimes use such accessories which are not according to the design of the air fryer. Still, we forcefully use such things in the air fryer, due to which there is a possibility of the air fryer getting damaged or smoke coming out of it.

Food Placement in Fryer Basket:

Placing too much food in the air fryer basket or placing it in the wrong way for cooking too many foods causes the air fryer to release steam or by keeping the food too close in the air fryer basket, the food is not cooked completely and air fryer Smoke starts coming out.

Improperly Sealing the Fryer Lid:

While cooking food in an air fryer, if we do not close the lid of the air fryer properly, then the air fryer conducts smoke and your food is also not cooked completely.

You Can Not Steam Food Inside an Air Fryer

air fryer steam comes out

Inside the air fryer, you can heat water in a safe bowl but if you are thinking of steaming food in it then it is not possible because the air fryer is for cooking food not for steaming.

An air fryer cooks the food from all sides by circulating hot air with the help of a fan. An air fryer will require water to cook the food with steam and you are well aware that if you add water to the air fryer, then the water can go into the heating device of the air fryer, which can harm your air fryer.

Tips for Minimizing Air Fryer Steam:

You can do many types of measures to reduce the air fryer steam like –

To reduce smoke or steam in an air fryer, avoid overfilling or overcooking.

One should always cook in small batches in an air fryer so that your food cooks well and you can taste a great meal. Apart from this, whenever you cook food in the air fryer, heat the air fryer well before that because it will give you relief from the problem of smoke.

You can also use cooking spray to reduce the stickiness in the air fryer.


An air fryer is a popular appliance that allows healthier cooking than conventional methods. But some users have reported that the air fryer sometimes releases steam while cooking.

There can be many reasons for the steam coming out of the air fryer, which has been mentioned in this article, but apart from this, there are many other reasons such as having a ventilated space in the kitchen while cooking food, the presence of moisture in the food being cooked, etc. Apart from this, whenever you cook food in the air fryer, dry the food thoroughly so that you do not have to face the problem of steam from the air fryer.

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