Can You Open An Air Fryer While Cooking?

The air fryer is a great and wonderful appliance that gives you a better experience than the traditional oven and stove and makes your food tastier.

Sometimes on special festivals and occasions, you have to cook a lot or in a group which becomes a challenging topic for you but in an air fryer, you can make it in minimum time. But have you ever wondered whether can you open an air fryer while cooking?

When cooking complex or group foods in the air fryer, it becomes difficult to know whether the food is cooked through or not, so it becomes very important for you to keep an eye on it. For this, you need to know some things.

When you use the air fryer in a cafeteria or restaurant, you have to make burgers, pizza, sandwiches, or many other types of dishes. And while cooking these dishes, it becomes very important to keep an eye on them because such dishes get cooked very quickly or sometimes stick under the influence of over-cooking.

Keeping the above things in mind, we would like to share some information with you which is about air fryer. So that you can know what things you can keep in mind to cook things in it. To know more about this topic, keep reading this article continuously.

can you open an air fryer while cooking?

Can You Open An Air Fryer While Cooking?

The question in your mind is whether it is right to open the air fryer while cooking. Yes, you can open it while cooking in an air fryer, it is absolutely safe because whatever air fryer you buy from the market, almost all of them have an auto shutoff option. In Air Fryer, this option lets you automatically turn off the Air Fryer when you open the Air Fryer while cooking, and it turns on again when you close the door.

While cooking in the air fryer, it becomes necessary for you to open the air fryer when you have to add some extra spices or some other things to the food. But this does not mean that you open the air fryer again and again. While cooking, you should open the air fryer only when you really need it.

How To Open Your Air Fryer While Cooking?

If you are nervous about opening the first time air fryer in the middle of cooking, then you do not need to worry, for this you have to keep in mind some instructions and steps –

can you open an air fryer during cooking food
  • First of all, put the food in the air fryer: To make any food, you have to put it in the air fryer, which requires turning some special dishes like french fries, sandwiches, etc.
  • Setting the cooking time in the air fryer: Whenever you cook a dish, set a specified temperature and time accordingly or you can choose from the presetting of that dish if it is available in the air fryer.
  • Open it after it is half cooked: Whenever you feel that the food is cooked more than half, then you have to open the basket slowly and not forcefully, after that the air fryer should be turned off or you can close it with the help of a digital screen.
  • Shake the air fryer basket. Now you have to take out the basket of the air fryer and hold it in your hand and shake it so that if the food is sticking together or the hot air is not completely circulated in it then it probably circulates completely. Definitely do it in group dishes that you make in large quantities.
  • Complete the process of cooking food in the air fryer: Now you can wait for the food to be cooked comfortably or if you are thinking of checking the food again, then you can check But it will not be appropriate to open the door of the air fryer again and again.
  • Finally, take out and serve: Now you can serve the food once it is ready and enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal.

What Happens When You Remove Your Air Fryer Basket During Cooking?

Can you open an air fryer while cooking? This question is of concern to all. So yes you can remove the basket while frying things in the air fryer, all you have to do is follow the simple instructions:

While cooking food in the air fryer, mix all the spices in it and leave it to cook, then if you feel that additional spices are needed in it, then you can definitely take out the basket of the air fryer, just keep in mind that you do not do it again and again. Open it.

During the cooking in the air fryer, when you remove and reinsert the basket, its heating level remains the same, you will not have to start from the beginning.

You can cook many different types of dishes in an air fryer and in this you can cook food in less oil or without oil which provides you with low-calorie food which is very beneficial for your health.

When you reinsert the basket in the air fryer, your air fryer will start at the same temperature or setting that you have adjusted in the air fryer and will cook your food properly and serve you.

Should I Take The Basket Out While Smoke Is Coming Out of An Air Fryer?

while smoke is coming out from air fryer

can be many reasons for your air fryer to smoke like-
You may not have cleaned your air fryer properly for a long time or there is some technical fault in it that can take the form of a serious problem in the future. That’s why you should get your air fryer checked from time to time.
Whenever you prepare food or other dishes in the air fryer, make sure that you clean it immediately after the food is cooked so that the food material does not stick in it and there is no problem in your air fryer.

What Can I Do If Our Air Fryer Doesn’t Have Auto-shutoff Features?

If you use an air fryer and are fond of cooking many types of food in it every day, then you need to know some things about air fryers. During cooking in an air fryer, if you open its door, then the air fryer automatically turns off but some air fryers do not have this feature. Most air fryers have a pause button so that you can stop the cooking cycle of the air fryer.

If you want to open the door of the air fryer during cooking, you can stop it by pressing the pause button and checking the status of your food, after that, you close this door and press the pause button again so that its cooking cycle remains the same. Will start from where you stopped it.

Whenever there is no option of auto shoot off in any air fryer, then you can turn off the air fryer in this way.


As mentioned above in this article, it is safe to leave the air fryer open while cooking, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind. And what you have to do in the air fryer which does not have the option of auto shutoff means you have got all this information through this article on how to close and open the air fryer. Apart from this, you should open the air fryer door only when you need it the most. Still, questions arise in people’s minds can you open an air fryer while cooking?

Apart from all this, the air fryer is a very useful tool for you, which provides you a good option to make many dishes in which you can enjoy a portion of healthy food and this appliance gives you a good time saving and many adjustments.

Whenever you use any equipment, also keep in mind that you have to clean it from time to time and get it serviced so that the equipment will be with you for a long time.

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