Blackstone Air Fryer Not Working Troubleshooting Guide

An air fryer is an important appliance which you use for cooking. It prepares healthy meals without using much oil. Blackstone air fryer is a useful appliance and used by many people. What to down when Blackstone air fryer not working?

Sometimes people don’t plug the power cable of air fryer properly. Without power Blackstone air fryer won’t work but there may be other causes. When you read this article, you find out there are different reasons of why you Blackstone air fryer is not working. It would be good go through the list one by one to get back the air fryer into the on condition.

How To Fix Blackstone Air Fryer Not Working Problem?

Fixing a Blackstone air fryer is a simple job. When you are having issue with the Blackstone air fryer and it is not turning on, or not heating up, or not beeping, or timer not working, here are solutions that you should try.

Reconnect Power Cable

Without checking anything people call handyman to repair the air fryer. But it is not the right way to deal with a faulty Blackstone air fryer.

First solution you should try is reconnect the power cable of the Blackstone air fryer. This is the most common solution to try when your Blackstone air fryer not working.

Sometimes, the air fryer is not plugged properly and it is loosely connected to the power supply. The loose connection won’t give enough power to the air fryer to turn on. It happens many times when you are busy in other works or in hurry and you don’t connect the power cable properly.

For this, remove the power cable from the power circuit and wait for few minutes and reconnect it again. Make sure it is plugged securely. Now start the air fryer, if it starts working, you don’t need to read other solutions.

Check Power Cable

Not all people have enough space to keep the air fryer on the countertop whole time. They only use air fryer when they need to prepare meal and after using it, they remove its power cable and keep it any other place.

This regular plugging and unplugging of the power cable are responsible for its wear and tear. Also, responsible for bend, stretch, twist, in the power cable. It will make the power cable damage.

When the power cable is damaged, it won’t supply the electricity to the air fryer and your Blackstone air fryer won’t turn on. In this situation, remove the power cable from the circuit and closely inspect it for any cut, break.

If you find out any sing of damage or cut in the power cable, you should replace it. If the cut is reparable, you can fix it but, in our suggestion, you should replace it with a new one. Because a repaired power cable will cause in the future. Make sure, you don’t touch the wire when it is connected to the power supply.

Fuse Issue

For safety purpose, Blackstone air fryer uses fuse. It will keep the air fryer safe from any voltage fluctuation. If the fuse is blown by the voltage fluctuation, the Blackstone air fryer won’t work.

Do you have a three-prong cable head? Well, guess what? It’s got a fuse. But if you have a two-prong cable head, no fuse for you.

Now, here’s the interesting part – how do you know if that fuse has blown? It’s simple. Just open up the cable head and take a whiff. If you’re hit with the unmistakable scent of something burnt and nasty, yep, that fuse is a goner.

No matter which type of cable head you have, there’s a chance you’ll need to replace both your switch and the fuse. But don’t fret! Once you swap out that blown fuse for a fresh one, your Blackstone air fryer will be back to its usual, ready to prepare delicious meal in no time.

Faulty Control Panel

Like every other air fryer, Blackstone air fryer also has a control panel to control the temperature setting and cooking process for different meals. The control panel can be controlled by either a touch panel or the push buttons.

When the control panel is faulty, it won’t send signal to the air fryer for working and the air fryer is not going to work.

Unfortunately, you can’t repair the control panel yourself. It requires technical knowledge to repair it. To get it repaired, you should take it to the service center.

Power Button of The Air Fryer Is Stuck

Another common issue for Blackstone air fryer is a stuck power button. Sometimes the solution lies in a much simpler fix involving trapped grease and debris beneath the button or switch.

Fixing a stuck power button is surprisingly simple. Press the power button repeatedly, even without the device being connected to a power source. It may help to remove any obstruction around the power button and restores its smooth functioning.

Consider removing the power button altogether and replacing it with a new one. This step ensures a fresh start and a reliable power control mechanism.

Wrong Placement of The Basket

To prepare food in the air fryer, we keep ingredients into the basket and insert into the air fryer. This basket should be positioned at the right place. With wrong placement of the basket, the air fryer won’t start. It happens because of safety feature of the Blackstone air fryer.

Due to wrong placement of the basket, the door of the air fryer won’t be closed. It will stop air fryer from working and may give you an error message. Right placement of the basket is essential for even cooking of the meal.

Turn off the air fryer and remove the basket from the air fryer and reinsert it at the right place. Now turn on the air fryer.

Reduce Ingredients From The Basket

Every Blackstone air fryer basket has its capacity. But sometimes to prepare meal at once, we fill the basket more than its capacity. It is obvious that people want to cook more food in the air fryer in an instant.

When you feel the basket more than its capacity, the heat won’t cook the food properly. The hot air won’t circulate evenly in the air fryer basket. To prevent this issue, the Blackstone air fryer won’t work if its basket is loaded more than its capacity.

Blackstone Air Fryer Is Tuning on But Not Heating

In some situations, Blackstone air fryer is on but there is not heating inside the air fryer. If there is no heat inside the air fryer, your food won’t be cooked. It is a frustrating scenario. After all, if your air fryer fails to heat up, your food cooking process is not started.

Sometimes this problem can be fixed with little solutions such as perhaps the power lid wasn’t securely closed, or maybe the basket wasn’t inserted properly, failing to find its rightful place. Reconnect the power lid properly and reinsert the basket. These quick fixes solve the issue.

Make sure when you power on the air fryer, every part of the air fryer is connected properly and attached at their right place.

How Do I Reset My Blackstonre Air Fryer?

The general methods to reset your Blackstone air fryer are as follows:

  • Make sure the air fryer is totally off before unplugging it from the outlet.
  • On the front of the air fryer, look for the control panel or display. Search for any resetting-related buttons or settings.
  • If there is a “Reset” button, press and hold it for 5 to 10 seconds. Continually press the next button if there is no specific reset button.
  • For 5 to 10 seconds, press and hold the main control button (often denoted by a power symbol) or the “Power” button. The air fryer’s settings ought to be reset by this.
  • Press the button again, then hold it down while you wait.
  • Reconnect the air fryer to the electrical outlet.
  • Turn on the air fryer and check if the settings have been reset to their default values.

Final Thoughts

These are simple solutions you may try when your Blackstone air Fryer not working. You should check each solution to get air fryer in the working condition. An air fryer is an electrical appliance so due to minor issue it may not work. Check its power cable, basket position, button condition to fix the issue. You may also take help of user manual to find out solution.

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