How to Steam In an Air Fryer?

I love kitchen equipment in which an air fryer also plays an important role, with an air fryer we can do all the work related to cooking but can we convert the air fryer into our vegetable steamer? Air fryer which completes all the food-related tasks easily. Is the air fryer capable of steaming the food and if it is possible then users would like to know- How to steam in an air fryer?

Although it may be possible to do this, let us tell you that a steamer which cooks the food by generating steam and in the same sequence, the air fryer which circulates hot air to cook the food.

Comparing the two, both appliances are used for cooking food, but the first one completes the work through steam and the second one completes the work of cooking food by releasing hot air.

If we talk from the point of view of this article, an air fryer can also be used for steaming, but for this, we should take care of some things or instructions, which we will mention further in this order.

How to steam in an air fryer? before I will tell you Many people think that we can fry things in an air fryer, nothing more but it is not so. You can also steam food in an air fryer. In this article, I will show you how to steam in an air fryer so please continue reading carry on my article.

Can You Steam Food in an Air Fryer?

how to steam in an air fryer

Yes, you can steam food and other dishes in an air fryer. While air fryers are commonly generated to fry foods using hot air, many models come with steaming accessories or steaming baskets that allow you to steam your food as well.

Because the air fryer has so many uses, steaming your favorite foods may be quick and healthful. It is a flexible cooking technique that opens up a wide range of opportunities and teaches you to numerous food preparation techniques for vegetables, seafood, meat, and other ingredients. You can prepare delectable and healthy meals in your air fryer with a little experimentation and practice.

Air fryers have emerged in the present era with a unique revolution. If we talk about cooking food with the help of steam in an air fryer, then it is possible according to the above steps but you know that there are many benefits of cooking food with steam. By cooking food with steam, its nutrients are not destroyed and the elements present in the food can be consumed in good quantity.

You can steam food in an air fryer, it has probably been confirmed, but how to take steam in air fryer? About this, we will tell you step by step how to take steam in the air fryer, for this you can see the following points given by us.

 “Step-by-Step Guide: How to Steam in an Air Fryer”

if you looking to learn, how to steam in an air fryer so it is a simple and convenient process that gives you the opportunity to cook a variety of healthy and nutritious meals. If your air fryer has a steaming function, you can keep using it to easily cook dishes in your air fryer.

if you have a steam function in your air fryer, then you can easily cook food by steaming by following the instructions given by us, but if it isn’t so, then you can buy a separate basket according to your air fryer from the market, which will allow you to cook food. This will help to give steam.

  • Add Water to the basket: Fill the basket of your air fryer with water according to the instructions. But be careful not to fill it more than necessary.
  • Insert the Steam Basket: Put your meal in the steam basket and place the air fryer inside. Make sure the basket is placed such that the food may be surrounded by steam.
  • Select the Steam Function: On your air fryer, select the steam setting and adjust the time duration and suitable temperature in accordance with the food you are using. Additionally, certain air fryers could include pre-programmed steam settings for particular food varieties.
  • Start Cooking Process: When the water in the air fryer is boiling, the steam will start to cook your meal. Be cautious to monitor the development and modify the cooking time as necessary.
  • Remove the Steam Basket: When the cooking time is complete, carefully remove the steam basket from the air fryer. Be cautious as the basket and food may be hot.

With the above simple steps, you can keep easily in your mind and steam a variety of food items in your air fryer. Observe the precautions by following the manufacturers’ instructions. Similarly, keeping some points in mind, you can make food in the air fryer through steam.

Benefits of Steaming Food in an Air Fryer:

I want to let you all know that steaming is a trendy and healthy cooking technique that uses less fat and oil than traditional hot steam cooking. Everybody wants to have a nutritious meal every day, but there are numerous obstacles to overcome. When cooking and steaming food in an air fryer. You can profit from the following advantages.

  • Retains Nutrients- food’s nutrition and flavor are retained when it is steamed in an air fryer. You may receive all the nutritional value of the food by steaming vegetables, or fish since the flavor and nutrients are preserved.
  • Preserves the Texture- Food’s texture is preserved and its condition is improved by steaming it in an air fryer. Food is cooked gently using steam, becoming soft and supple without being overdone.
  • Low Fat Cooking- The air fryer is such an electronic device which is famous for making many dishes in the kitchen and it is completely efficient in its work and if the food is made by steam in it then it is a matter of great pleasure for us because if the steam food is prepared through a medium, then the amount of fat in the food is very less, which is very beneficial for our health.
  • Quick and Easy- Food can be rapidly and easily steamed in an air fryer. Food can be steamed in an air fryer faster than with other methods of cooking. In only a short while. Your favorite’s vegetables, fish, and any other meals must be prepared.
  • Versatile Device- An air fryer is one kind of versatile appliance which is capable of performing multiple functions. Its main function is to cook the food with the help of hot air. Apart from this, it can also cook food with the help of steam, but this is not its main quality.

Is It Normal for Steam to Come Out of an Air Fryer?

can you steam food in an air fryer

Yes, it is typical for an air fryer to release steam when cooking. The steam is a byproduct of the hot circulating around food and the moisture present in the food being cooked.

The hot air quickly and fast circulates around the food while it cooks in an air fryer, giving it a crispy outside while retaining moisture inside, as the heated air reacts with the moisture in the food, steam is produced.

The air fryer’s steam release is a sign that the cooking process is going smoothly. It assists in preserving the food’s moisture and preventing drying out. Steam also makes the food brown and crisp. Which shows that the food is fully cooked by steam.

Like a broad way of saying that steam coming from an air fryer is normal. Because it uses a steam-based cooking technique, you shouldn’t be concerned if your air fryer emits steam. It is sign of cook food properly in an air fryer.


To sum up, steaming in an air fryer is a practical and effective approach to making wholesome and delectable meals. You may cook a range of meals while retaining their nutrients and natural flavors by using the steam mode of your air fryer. Steaming is a healthier alternative to conventional frying because it allows for delicate cooking without the use of a lot of oil. Your steamed foods will be perfectly cooked thanks to the speedy preheating and exact temperature control that air fryers provide.

apart from this, I will tell you about steaming with your air fryer which can cook food with steam and this way This method is very famous and healthy because by this the nutrients of the food are completely retained and you get nutritious food.

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