Can You Have an Air Fryer In a Dorm?

What are hostels and how many rules do we have to follow to stay in a hostel, you all must know very well. Here we have to live in a room with only a table and a bed to sleep in and we are allowed only certain things here.

In the above sentence, you have come to know what a hostel is, now we come to the point, we want to explain to you in simple language that if you are interested in food or you always like to take food as per your wish, then we Would like to give you information about air fryer which will be very beneficial in your everyday life. Can you have an air fryer in a dorm?

First of all, you will be curious about what an air fryer is and how it works, then we will introduce you to all these things, but before that, we will tell you how an air fryer is helpful for your dorm room.

The air fryer is one such device available in various sizes and is perfect for your room and can be easily transferred to your college hostel.

What Cooking Appliances Are Allowed In College Dorms?

air fryer in college dorm

If seen individually, all college hostels are allowed to carry and keep different cooking equipment according to their management.

There is also equipment which is allowed to be taken in college hostels which are approved in different hostels keeping in mind the security like-

Mini fridge, mini rice cooker, mini instant pot, hot water kettle, vacuum, blend jet, air fryer, hard-boiled egg maker, microwave, mug warmer, fan extra.

Apart from these things, there is much such equipment which can take in a college hostel. If you live in a hostel, then you should first know the rules of your hostel very well.

And you should also know what things are allowed to bring to your hostel and what are the restrictions.

Can You Have an Air Fryer In a Dorm?

Can You Have an Air Fryer In a Dorm

Air fryers are easily available in various sizes and are easy to move. Apart from this, it also produces less smoke, due to which you can easily use it in the hostel room, by the way, before bringing cooking equipment, you should once check the rules of your hostel thoroughly that what equipment is allowed to carry there is.

You can check with your hostel supervisor about allowing an air fryer or cooking appliance in your room it would be a good idea for you.

You may also find a list of specified items in your room that will let you know what items you are allowed to keep in the room.

Cooking equipment is prohibited in many hostels. A hostel is like a home for many students and security becomes the main concern of the in-charge. Generally, all hostels have fire alarms installed so that they signal you when there is smoke, that’s why there is a ban on many special devices in the hostel that emit smoke.

now the question is can you have an air fryer in a dorm by the way Air fryers are allowed in many hostels as they generate very little smoke. Cooking fatty items can cause smoke in the air fryer, so you should avoid cooking such things.

The air fryers can be very useful for you in your hostel life, which removes your food-related problems, but when it is allowed in your hostel, so you should take special care of this.

Why Does an Air Fryer Not Allowed In College Dorms?

The banning of air fryers in hostels shows different reasons which are according to the management of the hostel, this reason is as follows 

1. Fire Hazards

Air fryers generate excessive heat due to which any accident can happen and this is the biggest responsibility of the college authorities.

Although many people know how to use it well, the authorities cannot take the risk.

If there is any carelessness when using the air fryer then it becomes a matter of concern.

2. Bad Experience With The Heating Appliances

Many times in the past, due to many accidents with these devices, the college authorities stay away from their use, and here they completely ban their use.

Often in the news or even, in reality, we are familiar with the accidents caused by them.

We believe that many students know how to use them very well, but many such students sometimes do carelessness.

3. Spreading The Smell of Food Throughout The Premises

The biggest problem with these devices is that they generate a lot of heat, due to which the smell of the food prepared in it spreads throughout the premises, due to which everyone has to face trouble.

They spread the smell of food throughout the hostel, due to which other students have to face it even if they do not want to.

Many times you cook non-vegetarian food in it which is not friendly to other students then they get upset because of you so the college administration has to ban it.

4. False Fire Alarm

When you use the air fryer, the heat emitted from it emits smoke which can trigger the hostel fire alarm.

When the fire alarm is triggered by the smoke of the air fryer, you are not able to turn it off easily and panic spreads among the people.

Firefighters also reach after the ringing of the combined fire alarm and they have to come to know that the fire alarm is false, then you may have to pay punishment or fine for it.

Can I Use My Air Fryer In a Common Kitchen?

air fryer in common kitchen

Whether there is a common kitchen in the hostel or not, depends on their management, however, common kitchens are found in most hostels.

Now it comes to whether you are allowed to bring your equipment to the common kitchen of the hostel or otherwise, for your information, let us tell you that in most of the cases the hostel allows it, but still you should get acquainted. so that you can get complete information.

In general, you are allowed to keep only one appliance in the common kitchen, but in this also you have to face many problems.

You must be thinking that now what problems can happen, but if you know, the safety of your equipment in the common kitchen of the college is your responsibility.

If you keep the air fryer in the common kitchen and it gets stolen or your equipment is damaged by any other student, then the hostel will not be responsible in any way for that, all the responsibility will be yours.

Keeping the above facts in mind, you can keep an air fryer or any other equipment in the hostel which should be mentioned in the hostel guidelines.

What Benefits of Using an Air Fryer In a College Dorm?

benefits of air fryer

Talking about the air fryer, it can be easily displaced anywhere and you can store it anywhere in the hostel as it is small in size.

If you want a portion of good and healthy food in your daily routine then you should use an air fryer because in this you can get good food in less oil which is beneficial for the body.

If you live in a hostel then you would have less availability of time, so air fryer will prove to be good for you, in this food can be cooked in minutes which also saves your time.

An air fryer is easy to clean as its cooking jar can be easily detached and you wash it immediately so that you do not have difficulty in cleaning it, you can wash it with warm water or soap

The air fryer can prove to be a good option for you in student life because you also lack time and in such a situation you can prepare your food in less time and eat the earlier food after heating it again.

Safety Instructions To Follow For Using an Air Fryer In a College Dorm

First, you should read the instruction manual that comes with your air fryer so that you know how to use it

Before cooking food in it, keep in mind that food should not be cooked in it for more than its capacity.

Be careful while taking out the food items from the basket as the basket can get hot, use a spoon to take out the food from it.

After cooking food in the air fryer, take special care to remove it from the plug.

Do not keep it for a long time after cooking in it, clean it immediately so that food doesn’t stick in it, and later you do not have to put much effort into cleaning it.

After cooking, soak the air fryer basket for a while so that the food stuck in it is completely dissolved, which makes it easy to clean.


You all know that safety is the most important thing, especially in college hostels where so many students live and accidents like fire happen in such a place, then it is a matter of concern.

While most college hostels do not allow air fryers, some colleges have a common kitchen or special space where you can you have an air fryer in a dorm.

Although all the hostels have fire safety facilities, then I would advise you to read the instruction manual of the college rules and the equipment you use and take care of your safety and that of others.

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